CSP Engine and Gear Control with Protection System

CSP Electronics now offers electronic controls for engines and transmissions for
commercial vessel operations.  The system not only controls, but monitors
engines and gears for protection against possible catastrophic failures.  The
system controls the following:

- Engine throttle
- Gear forward and reverse shift valves
- Station selection per ABS and Coast Guard requirements
- Any number of stations
- Emergency station operation
- Modes (Normal, Engine Only, FirePump)
- Start/Stop engine control
- Redundant modules per ABS and Coast Guard requirements

The system components provided include:

- Throttle levers
- Pilot house and engine room display
- Electronics modules for engine room and pilot house

Features of the system are:

- Gear oil pressure and temperature monitoring
- Shaft speed monitoring
- Engine speed monitoring
- Engine throttle
- Engine speed based gear pressure curve with warning and protection
shutdown (optional)
- High gear oil temperature warning and protection shutdown (optional)
- CAN high speed data link operation with fewer wires for easier installation
- Easily expanded for increased monitoring of engine parameters (up to 24    
additional points without additional hardware)
- Optional control functions such as slip clutch control (for trolling/docking)
and integrated electronic shaft braking
- DP/Joystick interface
- Increased fuel economy during DP, docking, or while holding position
- Meet manufacturer warranty specifications (for Cummins Engines and Twin
Disc transmissions)

System Requirements:

- 12 Vdc battery system
- Gearbox solenoid operated clutch engagement
- Electronic engine governor


- Display and data logging computer (all integrated into a single display)
- Ship to shore communication interface
- Voice enunciated warnings
- Additional pressure, temperature, frequency(Hz/RPM), and switch
monitoring expansion including Gensets, Bow Thruster and Compressor
- Engine Torque Monitoring
- Oil Change interval calculated based on fuel usage
- Jet interface for engine/transmission derate
- Oil filter, fuel filter and seawater restriction monitoring

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Engine and Gear Protection
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