Fuel Monitoring System

Product Description:
CSP Electronics' Fuel Monitor System allows the operator to maximize fuel
economy and monitor fuel consumption of the vessel through digital indicators.  
The operation of the vessel can also be monitored by land based operations to
determine trends, make fueling predictions and to determine the vessel's
efficiency of operation with fuel useage indicated for each run.  when the vessel
starts a run, the captain can reset the fuel monitor and allow it to keep trace of
total vessel fuel useage, including generator fuel useage.  Fuel consumption for
each engine is indicated on the display, which shows the instantaneous
consumption rate, and the total consumption for each engine.

System Components:
the basic components fo the system include a fuel pressure sensor, engine
speed snesor, CSP customized processor module, wiring harness, CAN
communication card and PC with CSP Fuel Tracking Software installed.  the
system will work whether the engine has a mechnical or electronic governor.  
need for flow meters that can fail and restrict fuel flow to the engines.

A key to any business endeavor is proper communication.  CSP's Fuel Monitor
ties into your existing e-mail system to communicate vessel fuel useage to your
onshore maintenance group.  It also logs all the data it has monitored for later

Additional Engine Monitoring:
With the addition of the CSP Electronics datalink monitoring, important engine
data can be displayed on the Fuel Monitoring display to allow real-time monitoring
for both the captain and shore based personnel, on their personel computer or
smart phones.

Oil Change Timer System:
the CSP Oil Change Timer is based on the work the einge is doing, by measuring
the fuel flow through the engine.  The time is then accumulated and the resultant
"Oil Change Hours" indicates the time that the lube system has been working,
based on rated engine parameters, not just the engine hour meter.  An alert will
notify the captain and also an email can be sent to shore based personnel.  The
system will automatically reset when it has detected that the oil has been

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