Full Vessel Monitoring System

CSP Electronics offers a full vessel monitoring system that allows all alarms and
indicators to be integrated into a single display.  The system will alert the captain
with either a
visual indication, voice annunciated audible alarm or both.

The system features includes:

- System integrates all alarms,sensors,indicators into a single display
- Both
visual and voice annunciated audible alarms
- Fully integrated into CSP Engine and Gear Control System
- Fully integrated into CSP Controllable Speed Propulsion System
- Touch screen display for ease of operation
- Data logging feature allow tracking critical sensors/indicators
- Interfaces to vessel's email system to allow sending
critical warnings or
snapshot data to on shore personnel
- Fully configurable to allow maximum flexibility for each alarm
- High speed CAN based network for easy installation and expansion

The system components provided include:

- Electronic modules to monitor up to 36 points each
- PC with CD-RW
- Touch screen display
- High speed CAN communication card, installed in PC

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CSP Vessel Monitor Brochure
Basic Monitor List of Parameters
Early Warning Monitor Alarm Information